Thursday, February 22, 2007

When cheating is downright cute...

Su - glad you deleted yourself. Maybe we can both write "delayed" on our on foreheads....:-)Glad to catch up!


So each week, my son has spelling words. A new addition to the homework during the second half of school is that he is to write a sentence for each word in prep for the test. This is still a recent addition he's getting used too. And he doesn't always make transitions or changes quickly.

He was close to being done with everything else tonight... and then we reminded him to write his sentences. I copied his words for him, and sat him down at the table with a piece of paper to begin working on it.

His words were:


He was done unusally quick, and when he handed the paper to me, this was what he had come up with:

Do you like me or a fork that was torn, (it was short). I got it for being born.

Jason and I laughed so hard he initally got mad at us until we explained how impressed we were with his creativity. I told him in the future he would have to do it differently, but this time... it was worth it to send it that way. :-)


Cindy said...

I give him an "A" for being creative and funny. ;-)

tim rush said...

I don't get why you laughed... exactly how I'd have done my homework!

Zack said...

Hi Heather!Great blog. Very funny! I might have done the same thing while that age. God bless y'all! Please tell Jason hello for me.

Brenda said...

Okay...that was truly priceless! I love it!