Friday, February 16, 2007

Vocabulary Lessons

Julia, early this morning, informs me of the following:

"Mom - I know what 'Ahhhmen' means. " (Not sure where she heard it pronounced like that, but....)

Me - "Yeah? What." (Thinking of the few definitions I have heard before and wondering which she heard and from where.)

Julia "It means AAAmen."


By a lucky fluke I could successfully sign into my blog this morning. Haven't had time or luck previously.. so hopefully I will be back in to post some more later!


Cindy said...

Julia is so funny! I love what kids say. :-)
My class did President reports today and one student said...
My President died (huge pause) somewhere. It was so funny. :-)
Glad you are back online.

The Harris Family said...

Words cannot express the sadness that is my heart today as I read about the AIM-a-pa-looza, I really really want to go, and so does Jason! Please take some good pics for us and post them on your site. And know, our hearts are there with you guys and all our AIM peeps! Love you!

tim rush said...

by the way, Heather, I've been inviting people to your house and calling it AIM-a-pa-looza. Hope you don't mind. Ha.

Su said...
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