Friday, June 02, 2006

Rock vs. Sand

Came across this from Mike's blog.

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Unbelievable. It's worth the read back through a couple of past blogs to get the picture of what happened - I hadn't heard until I read this.

The faith of two families who trust in God beyond unimaginable circumstances made a huge impact on my heart this morning. It saddens, inspires, encourages, and increases my hope in what's to come.


I read this morning from Luke 6:27 - 49.
I'm trying to pray each day a little more of His word and less of my own thoughts and wants.
This morning's was tough passage to swallow. A tough passage to pray out loud and ask for Him to accomplish in me.

Jesus calls me on the carpet for thinking that being kind to those I love will in any way draw attention to Him in my life. The world walks right beside me in the same actions!
It's not until I do the unthinkable - the unimaginable - the unreasonable, that I demonstrate that I walk by faith. Nothing else will draw attention of unbelievers to our lives and ultimately to the One in Whom we have faith. No wonder many call christians hypocrites. He tells us himself that we are if we don't get this.

I struggle to put into words what I understand Him calling me to, but here is a starting point for me:

When someone criticizes or mocks me.... I turn around and bless them. (A start for me would be to not complain about them... but blessing them moves from that into much bigger things.)
When taken advantage of, I don't run and hide ... but rather I face them to see what they needed that motivated the offense / attack and offer more of it until I see their need greater need filled. I have to look pas the fear, the ugliness, and all that intimidates me to do that.
I loan my things. No... rather I give. It's not until I don't expect it back that it looks different from the world.

I see this passage ask me to comprehend the heart of God that pours out goodness even upon those who aren't thankful - and in fact ungrateful... and develop the same heart in trying to be His child.

I am farther from it than I would like to let myself believe.

Remember "the wise man built his house upon the rock?"

For as familiar as this children's song rings in my head... I didn't realize until this morning that it follows this passage. It is these very words... some of the hardest to swallow and live out daily... about which Jesus said:

"... but the one who hears my words and does not put them into practice is like a man who built his house on the ground with out a foundation. The moment the torrent struck that house, it collapsed and it's destruction was complete."

The picture of all my rationalizations for not practicing this concept suddenly shows itself to be a foundation of sand that I trusted in a bit more than I let myself realize.
I don't know that I even love 'well' those who I really love... but it's obvious to me today why He's convicted me about loving those whom I haven no reason to love... and even more those whom I might have more reason to resent rather than love.

He is worth it. His truth is rock...even when it makes no sense to my nature or instinct.... I am changing that over anyway to be His nature. I'm reminded that this is why faith is defined as trusting what you don't see rather than what you do.

So I'm going to keep letting Him call me on the carpet
until my mouth and actions begin to reveal a heart more like His.


Angie said...

Hey chick! I'm back from my road trip, so I had to drop in on one of my favorite bloggers! I hate missing out on bloglife!

I am praying that what you just posted about will permeate the lives of believers everywhere! I want so desperately to see God's people learn to love others unconditionally - particularly those Christians who struggle with same sex attractions as well as people who are gay - out and proud. They'll know we are Christians by our condemnation? No, that's not it... by our being disgusted? Not quite... Oh, I've got it... by our political views! That's not it either?

You are so right... it is a distinguishing mark of Christianity, but we bristle against it so much.

I appreciate how you lovingly remind me that it all begins by making it my own personal reality.

I love your blog, chickie!

And I'm thankful for your life in Christ!

Angie said...

I'm assuming you are going to the NACC... If so, I wish you safe travels and an encouraging time there. Hope you'll have lots to share when you have time!

Shane Coffman said...

You are an excellent writer, Heather. Thanks for being transparent and pointed in your thoughts here.

From a fellow struggler...