Sunday, April 07, 2013

Revisiting old writing & reserving the right to change my mind.

So I haven't written here in almost two years.  As I wander back, I have found myself wondering if I should start writing again. Looking back through the years is a great reminder of how much a person changes, and grows.  On one hand, it's the very reason to not put thoughts in writing!  On the other hand, it's the very witness I wish to leave to my children and grandchildren: to experience it all... to be challenged... to be wrong... to change your mind... to seek.... question, and to grow.  To realize life never stops being a magical, painful, joyful,  rich journey with eternal  purpose, and to walk through it with an eternal God Who patiently and wisely infuses meaning into each phase...each moment. Maybe in the end, the writing will be a whole lot less about me &  my thoughts, and much more a testimony to His graciousness towards us all.   I like a story like that ends like that. :-)  

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Lita Blevins said...

I check back about every 3 months to see if you've written again. I vote yes! I understand, though. The older (more mature?) I get, the more hesitant I am about clicking that final "publish" button.