Monday, June 22, 2009

Julia Funnies

So Julia cracked me up again today.

First, this morning, we discussed lifeguards, as she is taking swimming lessons.

J- "Mom - why don't the lifeguards (at swim school) carry those little boards?"

Me - "Well, all of them are right there with you - they don't need them like when we're at the ocean."

J- "Yeah. Drowning at the sea would be really harsh for kids. First, because you'd get salt in your eyes, and second, because you'd drown. "

Then, this evening, Julia went to the bathroom in McDonalds and came out with an incredulous look on her face.
"That was a creepy bathroom. It was creeky and made all kinds of noises. And do you know what I saw in the toilets when I went in there?!?"
(Of course ...I'm caught with the reality that I really don't want to know, but she is so eagerly anticipating my reaction, I have to say "What?")
"One toilet was full of toilet paper - and I mean FULL!! Another was all yucky and there was a sign that says 'We're proud of our restrooms!' .......I don't think they could really be proud of that, do you?"


muddypebbles said...

*giggles* your daughter cracks me up :)

Danna said...


Christi said...

Boy, she's got that right! Too cute!

Hannah said...

wow! I love Julia.

Su said...

Oh, Heather, that kid is too funny!

Tammy said...

Ok...I'm getting caught up on blogs. Yours is the best! Talk about reality check! Think you could have a whole section of kids giving us one! I love you dear friend.

Terry Rush said...

Could we get back to that "groupie" idea you wrote

I love you today!

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