Tuesday, October 21, 2008

DNA & homework

Julia came home with a stack of uncompleted work today. As she sat in front of me working on it, she wasn't moving fast for all the stories she had to tell me as she progressed.

At one point I stopped her and pointed to the stack of work.

"I'm guessing that the reason you have so much undone work is that you are talking a lot at school. Are you talking a lot to your friends?"

"Only a little," she said.

"Well, I'm guessing we need to cut back to even a little less than that." I said.

"I got all my work done on the first day of school." She protested .

"Yes, but we we need to get all the work done every day," I said.

"Yeah, I didn't know anybody that day," She said.

Now, WHO's child is that?!?


Cindy said...

I am laughing! I miss hearing her daily stories!

Jenny - Jenny White Photography said...

that is so funny. and i am afraid this could be a conversation between me and will in the future!! lol