Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's okay if there's only 20 lbs below your neck.

It looked so easy. There I am, helping Julia learn the simple childhood basics of a head stand.
"Okay, flip up your legs,.." "Yep, yep, now point your toes to the ceiling,...Good!! It's okay... I've got you! GOOD JOB! That's it girl! Good job!"

The only problem was coming down. She kept pulling her hair and hurting her head. I tried to explain how to bend her knees to come down slowly, but in the end, I just thought it would be easier to show her.

So now I sit at this keyboard, unable to turn my head to the left or the right, and cringing if I so much as sneeze.
The saddest part? Julia kept saying "It's okay mommy! I'll catch your legs!" -But I never even got my legs up in the air, let alone, down again.

It seemed easy in my head.


Lindsay said...

How many things seem so easy in our heads, until we try them? I admire your attempt, it's farther than I would have gotten! :-) (And you thought you were sad!)

Theresa said...

this explains the slightly pained looks. ;)

Beth said...

Ha ha! I had that feeling the last time I tried to climb a tree.

I never was able to do a head stand, nor a proper cartwheel. But I could climb trees with the best of them.

Cindy said...

Someone should of been filming! :-) Give us a call if you need some pain meds... :-) Ouch!

Tammy said...

ooooh! I feel your pain! Things still seem the same as they were, uhhhh, several years ago until I try them! Standing on the cabinets to clean is down right dangerous now and jumping off of them to get down...well lets just say...not a good idea! I love you! (PS I give neck rubs, ask Theresa.)