Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kid funnies

Eli's been really been praying a lot lately about a good friend at school who doesn't believe in God. One discussion led to Eli telling Jason:
"You know, some people say apes built the world."
Jason: "Yeah, but you know that's not true, right? We go see apes all the time at the zoo - and they don't build anything like that.
Eli: "Yeah. Apes are interesting. And we can read about them....
But they can't read about us!"

Somehow I thought that was the simplest refutation of evolution I'd ever heard.

Julia prayed tonight: "God, thank you for making my mom good at aiming for the trash. Please help me be as good as her one day. "


Theresa said...

I am no good at aiming for the trash. I find myself weirdly envious. :)

Vanessa said...

haha! I love it! I could probably stand to say Julia's prayer too!