Monday, September 17, 2007

"Everything" By Life House

My brother-in-law sent this to us. If you haven't seen it... take a minute to. It's powerful.


flee said...

Ok...I'm trying to dry my eyes enough so I can see what I type. That was incredible. Thank you for posting it.

We need to play catch up.

Love to you!

celestejdvorak said...

Wow. When it started I was like- this is cheesy. I was not impressed, but WOW! Somewhere in there I got caught up in it and pretty soon I was crying my eyes out! Thank you for sharing.

Brandon Price said...

Heather...can I get Jason's e-mail address from you? I was wanting to get in contact with him. If you don't have my address you can e-mail me through our "About Us" page on our website.

Brandon Price said...

By the way, I really liked that video. The one thing that always gets me about these skits/performances, though, is that Jesus is always the only one with cheesy clothes. Why does Satan always get to wear pants but Jesus can't?! I think we would still get the same message if Jesus looked a little more "modern." But hey, I guess that's just the director in me talking. :o)

Thanks for sharing that.

Zack said...

That video was AWESOME!!!! I got chills watching it and getting them even now just writing this. Thanks so much for sharing that with us. I love and miss y'all! Hopefully I'll get to go to the next Tulsa Workshop and get to see y'all. Much love!
Be blessed!

tim rush said...

I love that video!

Also, loved the stories from the last post. Too funny! I'm with Eli... I think it's cheating... though as a parent, I'd probably do it anyway and scar my kids for life. Oh well.

The Harris Family said...

Hey Heather,
Are you going to be attending the Women in Faith conference in Oklahoma City in Nov? I was thinking about going with my mother-in-law and the ladies from their congregation. Let me know!

Toni Burns said...

Heather, Thank you so much for our time in Tulsa. I enjoyed being around you. You are a very special and gifted woman.

I also wanted to tag you - get on my blog and read the rules. Have a good day. Give your family my love