Thursday, September 14, 2006

The good, the bad, and the little bit too personal..

Quotable day... that's what today was.

Tonight at bedtime, Julia told me she wanted to wait a little bit before she prayed. I asked why?

"Because I only pray on Tuesdays. That's what God asked me to do." She often speaks as the voice of God in our home.

Prayer time with Eli was significant too. In his prayer he said:
"...and God, would you please change Emmerson's heart. He doesn't want to be my friend, just because of that one thing I did, and I want to be friends...."

Oh so true. A heart cry of many. More and more,for this reason, I grow to love mercy.

And as I followed his prayer with my own, I was unusually short. Eli asked me why I was, and I didn't really have a good answer. (I didn't want to say I was tired.) He said "Mom... I want to know your heart. Not just your heart about me and the things you like about me... your heart about everything in your mind too. " Wow. That just really surprised me.

So I shared with him just a little piece of a struggle that I was having like his with someone I didn't think liked me, and how I felt much like he did. So we prayed together for God to change their heart, and when we were done, he said, "Now mom, you know sometimes God changes their hearts, and sometimes He doesn't. But either way, it's okay. Okay?" Such wisdom. I adore that boy.

And on a funny note, Jason and I were discussing books and reading today. He was sharing how he liked fiction, and I was explaining that I used to read a lot of it, and imagine I will return to it in the future as our kids move into different stages, but for now I didn't have time for that kind of reading. His reply?

"You would if you went to the bathroom more."


azeneth said...

Wow Heather!! I love the relationship you have with your kids. They are so young, but yet they have such wisdom beyond their year. It really reminds me how how God calls us to be like a child when we come to him. Simply beautiful.

Brenda said...

I admire you so much! When I grow up...I want to be just like you!!! I long for a relationship that is closer to God with my children and I know so much that starts with me and Chad. How can they be christlike if they don't see their parents in that manner. Now the wheels are turning.

And about this bathroom thing....UGH! Chad says..."'d get more studying done if you would go to the bathroom more and read in there."
Little do they know....mommy doesn't get bathroom time. It's just not in the playbook. ;o)
Love you!

Danna said...

I'm a little behind on my blog reading and just caught up on yours. The one about perfectionism: RIGHT on target! I am SO there! (As you know!) :o) Thank you for sharing your heart and struggles and triumphs!

And today: I love your heart. I keep thinking about my conversation with Eli on Wednesday night and it just makes me smile. He is such a neat kid and wise beyond his years.

And that bathroom thing: what is it about guys and reading in the bathroom????????

I love you, friend!

Michelle said...

alright so i just thought you should know that eli is the most hilarious salesman i have ever seen. He spotted me coming in late to church on wednesday night. And before i could even say hello to him he calls out.."Michelle! I need to ask you something. Would you like to help me out with buying something from my school?" Then as I began to look at the things in the magazine everytime i saw something he came up with a brilliant selling comment for each one. :) When i asked him what it was for he answered like i had gone mad. "Its for my school." right okay... he then told me there were prizes but that he wasn't really looking forward to those he just really wanted to help his school!

Darn him. NOW i HAVE to buy something!!! lol

Tim Rush said...

Eli is hysterical! You should just have a blog of funny stories and have others write with their favorites. Mine is when you guys went to Lubbock for Jeremy and Jessica's birth and Jason asked to say a prayer before Jess was taken away. Eli pipes up and says, "Great. This is one more thing that's going to wear me out!" (As told by Cory Burns.)

And about the bathroom. I used to know a joke about that, but it always made Kim mad. I've forgotten it due to lack of use, (lack of using the joke, not lack of using the bathroom. But I digress...) but the jist was that guys read in the bathroom cause that's the only place our wives won't talk to us. I think Kim gets mad cause she knows there's some truth to it. Ha.

John said...

All of this from Eli? That is crazy. Your family is so awesome. I wish I were a part of it sometimes, like Jennie. And Jason is right, like most of the time.